We hurdle the verticals for LinkedIn

LinkedIn goes all in for ABM.

We love our LinkedIn feeds and profiles.  And when it comes to turning thumbscrolls, posts and comments into revenue, that’s the job of LinkedIn Marketing Solutions.  LMS sells insights and media to every big brand in the world, and was evolving to an account-based-marketing (ABM) strategy.  But they were in rut of re-purposed, off-brand, non-targeted content, and needed help.

We transitioned LinkedIn Marketing Solutions to a program of original branded content, targeting specific verticals like Tech, Education, FinSv and Consumer Electronics.  We defined key narratives for each vertical, then expanded these into content plans for the channels and formats needed by marketing and sales. We crafted hero stories in long form video, blogs and content hubs. We created volumes of distributed content for social channels, display ads, sales decks and playbooks.

Working hand in hand with both marketing and sales, we’re helping LinkedIn crush competitive social channels as the premium portal to a premium audience of professionals. 

Education: a newsworthy approach to a customer story

When we approached the subject of marketing for higher education, we felt it was important to be candid. Higher education is in the middle of a revolution. The market is no longer high school seniors. People from all walks of life seek additional learning. And it's important the universities adapt in order to thrive in this new reality.

We made our clients the influencers and built multiple quick hit films, unique shorts purpose-built for social channels.

Technology: Telling a love story of when sales met marketing

In the Tech category, we focused on the biggest topics facing Tech marketers, such as how to integrate marketing and sales to influence the customer buying committee.  Through the words of a LinkedIn customer, we illustrated a successful program and LinkedIn’s central role in it.  We brought to life a romance between sales and marketing, and invited other marketers to follow.

More work

We help Salesforce
form lasting partnerships.

Sometimes even Salesforce needs to scale up.

Tools to serve the full purchaser journey

We stood up a compelling microsite in record time, highlighting LinkedIn's commitment to all education marketers with engaging content and helpful insights.