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We reveal insights about the people and companies that are most important. We take the hottest topics in commercial and consumer culture. And we mash them all into provocative entry points for brands.

C R E A T I V E   C O N T E N T

We do big ideas that can thrive in small spaces. We tell complicated B2B stories in elegant, entertaining ways. We make high-value video, editorial and digital experiences that don't require high budgets.


This is how B2B is meant to be. As a part of ABM innovator Agent3, we bring together brand marketing and data in a way that reflects how B2B audiences behave in our fractured, non-linear world. This Machine creates stories which can be informed by Agent3's proprietary insight solutions—the same solutions that power Agent3's Account Based Marketing programs. We can deliver these stories as 1:Many, 1:Few or 1:1 campaigns, in ways that simultaneously move sales and build brands. 

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F O R M E R   B E D F E L L O W S

Brands like these have known us, trusted us and loved us. And we love them back.

D A V E    F E I N B E R G

Dave is a business strategist and integration leader. At a top global B2B specialist agency, he ran multi-agency engagements for Intel, Microsoft & HP. He breaks and re-shapes business models to be more productive and efficient.

J A S O N    W I N K L E R

Jason is a global leader of 360° campaigns for enterprise tech brands. He's led accounts for many of the biggest, including Intel, HP and eBay. His knowledge of deep tech and its buying committee runs...deep. 

M I C H A E L   T U C K E R

Michael is a next-gen ECD. He recently served as global creative lead for Intel, overseeing a department of creative directors, journalists, producers and technology specialists. He snagged top awards for Best Campaign, Best Content, Best Video, Best Social and more. 

T H E   R E S T   O F   T H E   G A N G

We enjoy our access to rule-breakers and game-changers in the SF Bay Area and beyond. We bring high-grade strategy, creative and production talent, combined with the technology that makes work more efficient than ever before, to new projects at any scale.  

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