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LinkedIn goes OP into gaming

LinkedIn is rife with gamers. And they wanted to let the world know, one marketer at a time.

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B2B brands make way too many talking head videos.  Propping up customers in front of a teleprompter is the sad status quo (shot from multiple camera angles for effect!).  We all know the drill and we’ve seen a million of them.  So we had a better idea: Why not get customers out of their seats and into the action? That’s how Adventure Storytelling was born.

We can’t think of a more authentic way to demonstrate the benefits of Intel’s tech then to have customers experience it first-hand.  Computer Vision. Facial recognition. Neural networks. Fried chicken. Whatever the business, technology or topic, we’re finding the most exciting aspect of each story and showcasing it in the most entertaining way possible.  Buckle up.


Brand creative at every step of the journey

We built the arsenal of assets, top to bottom. Essentially taking a high production value film and effectively using it for awareness and for lead generation.


Thinking big by starting small

How do we deliver interesting stories to clients in a thoughtful, engaging way? We developed this mobile-first UI capable of delivering great stories regardless of the medium and flexible enough to support and enhance the experience.


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We hurdle the verticals for LinkedIn

LinkedIn goes all in for ABM.

We help Salesforce
form lasting partnerships.

Sometimes even Salesforce needs to scale up.